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Fermas Zipper

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Fermaş is at 22th Irantex Fair

Fermaş that participated in Irantex 2016 Fair, returned from fair with new business contacts.


Fermaş is on Kiev Fashion Show 2016

Fermaş, keeps participating in leading activities of textile sector.


Nobody wanted to use zipper for 30 years which was invented in 1890s. However nowadays it's possible to see it everywhere; for example on jackets, shoes, pants, bags etc.

Whitcomb Judson who was tired of his wife's complaints with fingers swollen due to button-holing invents device named "slippery-clasp", and gets its patent as a tool to use for shoes in 1890s. A Swedish engineer Gideon Sundback invents zipper used at the present time by developing slippery clasp that is hard to use and spoils easily in 1913.

Zipper that was not used that much at first becomes a trend in clothing after English crown prince to start wearing pants with zipper in 1930s. Zipper manufacturing increases to 300.000.000 pieces in the world during Second World War.

Zipper is manufactured only in Europe and America at first. Zippers those spoil oftenly in the early years of manufacturing can open-close 12.000 times averagely in current situation. Zipper that changes continously in long years of use in terms of fashion is still irreplaceable at the present time.