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Fermas Zipper

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Fermaş is at 22th Irantex Fair

Fermaş that participated in Irantex 2016 Fair, returned from fair with new business contacts.


Fermaş is on Kiev Fashion Show 2016

Fermaş, keeps participating in leading activities of textile sector.


Fermaş is on Kiev Fashion Show 2016


Fermaş Fermuar took its place in Kiev Fashion Show in 2016 too!

Fermaş, who has been cooperating with international zipper brands, keeps participating to the leading events of the sector.

This year, Fermaş participated in "Kiev Fashion Show 2016" which took place in Ukraine's capital Kiev and kept track of the fashion trends, colors and developments in the sector across the world.

Fermaş followed these developments which will guide its operations in 2017 with brands that directs the fashion and we are impatient for sharing these experiences with our dear solution partners for using in our operations in 2017.

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