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Fermas Zipper

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Fermaş is at 22th Irantex Fair

Fermaş that participated in Irantex 2016 Fair, returned from fair with new business contacts.


Fermaş is on Kiev Fashion Show 2016

Fermaş, keeps participating in leading activities of textile sector.


%100 Made in Turkey...

When the subject is zipper, first brand that comes to mind in Turkey is Fermaş, with its approximately 30 years of experience, it keeps the leader position in the sector.

Fermaş responds to the requests about zippers of Turkey and the other countries which it exports with its modern facility built in 10.000m2 area in Çorlu and more than 300 Fermaş employees.

Fermaş continues to lead the sector and be the best quality zipper brand in Turkey with its high technology and expert staff and 100% local production including the fabric, dye and metal components which is manufactured in its own facilities.

Fabrics weaved with 300 denier thread and by getting dyed in thousands of colors in our special dyeing plant and manufactured into our plastic, metal and bone zipper. If you wish to see the process of manufacture and the facility which seperates us from our rivals from up close, please visit the "Üretimden kareler" (scenes from manufacture) link!

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